Wint & Lila Strawberry Gin

Volume 70 cl / 4 cl
Alcohol by volume
Ranges: Organical / Botanical

A delicious and wonderfully  balanced gin elaborated with fresh  strawberries and exquisite botanicals  such as angelica root, floral notes  from the orangeblossom of Seville,  spearmint and juniper berries.

Production Method
Handcrafted from natural ingredients.  All botanicals are macerated individually in glass pots and gently distilled ‘au-bain-marie’ in 1820’s copper pot stills. No preservatives nor artificial sweeteners or aromas.

Strawberries, juniper berries,  coriander, angelica root and  seeds, cinnamon, orange peel, lemon peel, lime peel, orange  blossom and spearmint.