El Palique de Jerez

Volume 75 cl.
Alcohol by volume 15%

Mahogany color with amber shapes, cleanand bright. In El Palique de Jerez we find 15 years Oloroso wines and nuts, wood, toast aromas… The sugar comes from the otherprotagonist, a 5 years Pedro Ximenez wine, where we find raisins, prune and toffeearomas…

Incense, orange peel and orange blossom, spicy clove, cinnamon, and the freshness of botanists aromas: wormwood, díctamo cretaceous, angelica… and, of course, the old wines.

Structure, longevity and bitter-eleganton the palate. Elegant, moderatesweetness. We appreciate the glyceric volumeand unctuous volume of fortifiedwines.