Brandy de Jerez Viruta Solera Gran Reserva

To enjoy VIRUTA is to enjoy the most deeply-rooted tradition of Jerez. Of the love of this land for its wines and brandy. Of a job well done.

Our brandy ages for years in American oak casks, known as Sherry Casks, which will incorporate the notes of the sherry wines they contained in the past into the alcohol, and which remained impregnated in the wood, giving it its great complexity.

A pleasant brandy, not incisive in the olfactory phase, which allows to discover nuances of a good wine alcohol that has been transforming its volatile components inside the old casks.

An attractive, bright, mahogany-coloured brandy with coppery highlights.

Intense, elegant and clean aromas of wood, raisins, nuts and smoked products, together with hints of noble alcohol.

Smooth, ample and dry, without sharp edges, balanced, tasty and persistent, with balsamic notes.