INDI Essences S.L. is a company born out of the opportunity to develop new concepts in the beverage market. A return to the original and natural flavours, their production and export.

The activity of INDI Essences S.L. is developed in three fields, the first one being the production of the brand of ecological, handmade and low-calorie soft drinks INDI&Co. A unique soft drink in the world due to its elaboration process, with a complete range of flavours, multi-awarded in the leading international competitions, among which INDI Tonic Water stands out, awarded several times as the best tonic in the market, the organic soft drink with fewer calories in the market and with all the natural flavour.

Secondly, INDI Essences S.L. developed an intense export activity, both for its own and represented brands, in more than 31 countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Finally, INDI Essences S.L. specialises in extracting the purest aromas and essences through artisan processes, but with a high component of innovation, formulating and bottling for third parties, always maintaining the quality and safety that defines us.