Indi Organic Ginger Beer

Organic Ginger Beer

With digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, it is pleasant in the mouth.

It has aromas of cola gummy sweet and a  beautiful taste of freshly juiced ginger who leaves a pleasant tingly sensation on your lips.

It also has herbal / floral notes balancing the slightly spicy mouthfeel.

14 kcal / 100 ml

28 kcal / bottle

The Botanicals



Scientific name: Lingiber Officinale

Origin: Southeast Asia.

The root is often eaten as an accompaniment to meals, or preserved. Widely used in flavouring recipes and excellent as an infusion. It has many medicinal uses as it promotes digestive functions, treats ulcers, prevents heart disease and improves circulation. It is a natural anti-inflammatory.

You will find it in INDI GINGER BEER and INDI GINGER ALE.



Scientific name: Citrus Aurantiifolia.

Origin: Southeast Asia

This ingredient is used in many recipes to add flavour. It stimulates the digestive system, relieves congestion and nausea, and has vitamin C.

You will find it in ALL THE FLAVOURS OF INDI.



Scientific name: Cinnamomum

Origin: Southeast Asia

Ground cinnamon is widely used in desserts, cakes, sweets, etc., and whole cinnamon is used to garnish and season some dishes. In America it is used in cinnamon tea, which is prepared by boiling Ceylon tea with a few cinnamon sticks in water until infused, adding sugar to taste. It has nutritional value, is non-fattening and helps lower glucose levels, is beneficial for cholesterol, has anticoagulant properties, stimulates brain function and aids relaxation.

You'll find it at INDI GINGER BEER


4 pack x 200ml.